So full circle...mums, sisters, daughters , nieces and aunties...

‘Well, at last I have a rather late night opportunity to tell my story. Finding KK was almost by accident, she was selling something that nobody else had. To begin, as they say, at the beginning. I had a wonderful mum, Rita, and an equally wonderful Auntie, her sister Marge. They were exceptionally close, Marge was also my godmother. When she died I inherited a gold friendship, or claddah ring with a garnet in the centre of the heart. She had bought 2 and gave one to her beloved sister, Rita. Years passed and mum too died. She left her ring to my younger sister Hilary. So now we both had mum and auntie’s rings. About 2 years ago Hilary and all her family went on holiday abroad. Whilst away they became victims of a burglary and every single piece of jewellery was stolen from the house. Nothing was left . There were many sentimental pieces that Hilary and her daughters , Charlott and Georgie, had inherited from both sides of the family. Along with all these precious pieces went the friendship ring that mum had given to Hil. Out of all the valuable jewellery it probably wasn’t worth that much, but of course it meant a great deal. As soon as I heard about its theft I resolved to find a replacement and give it to Hilary for her 60th birthday, October 15th 2019. I had about 18 months to find a ring to replace mums ring. I searched and searched.. eBay, antique shops and fairs, anywhere I thought I might find one. A friend suggested Etsy. Without much hope I entered a search ‘ garnet gold friendship ring’. To my amazement I was directed to an Etsy shop , KK, and found exactly what I was looking for. What a moment! My first introduction to this lovely, helpful lady. I’m seeing my sister very soon and have told her that I have a special gift for her. I know she’ll love it and treasure it as a lovely reminder of what had been taken, plus the memories of our wonderful mum and her sister. Following the purchase of this ring, I decided to buy a ring for Georgie’s 21st earlier this year. My first port of call, KK of course. There I found a beautiful friendship ring with a diamond setting, because,, of course, my nieces had their jewellery stolen too, rings inherited from mum and one that I gave to Georgina when mum died. It was my ring, given to me by my sister Hilary when I was 21. I gave it to Georgina as I had given her sister, Charlott, mums wedding ring and I felt Georgie needed a special ring too. So full circle...mums, sisters, daughters , nieces and aunties, carrying legacies passed down with love ; not owned, but held for a precious time for another girl in our family. And so with the cruel theft of these treasures, new legacies and traditions began, new stories to tell children and grandchildren, why and how they had new rings in 2019, a special year of special birthday and memories. On photographs Mum in 1944 and 2004’ Barbara, UK

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