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‘My story is that about three years ago I went to a Comic Con at a local skating rink and a Cosplayer was born. My son brought the flyer home and said, "There will be The Walking Dead people there Mom." I read about costumes being encouraged and agreed to buy tickets if he would be The Governor and I would be Andrea. And so I went and met many people who have become my friends. Some who even are making a career out of this cosplay stuff. Check them out at The WORLD has opened up for me. Shopping for costume parts is as much a hobby as actuallly making and wearing them. This is how I discovered KK while looking for a signet ring for The Baron from Into the Badlands. While I have not yet executed the costume, I did wear my ring with another outfit. Now I have a costume for almost every genre from Horror to Gamer, Steampunk in between- now reaching over 30+. And countless FB friends and sellers I have connected with through these hobbies. After spending so much time taking care of family and building a career, I have found something that brings joy to my heart. The friendships and connections are priceless. I am blessed to have so much fun and to have KK in my life.’

Judith, US

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