4th Birthday Celebrations

Finally! The proof is here! If you missed our 4th Birthday Party here is a little taste what was it like!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our Birthday Celebrations! It was magnificent! Joyful! Sparkly!..and creative in the most unexpected ways! We couldn't wish for a better crowd.

We ate, we drunk, we danced, talked. We look at some jewellery and we told stories. And what a stories those were! About jewellery obviously! But not really!

To let you on a little secret - this event had it's own special jewellery giveaway. Not only did we gave away a gorgeous pearl necklace to a person who almost guessed it had 48 pearl (cograts Abi!) (watch the live video https://www.facebook.com/kkvintage/videos/2863591637003175/). We also decided to giveaway some jewellery to our party guests. But it wasn't so easy - they had to earn that chance.

Every person present at the party could pick one piece from our new stock of uncatalogued costume jewellery. They were welcome to wear it with their vintage outfit for a night. But! For a chance to take it home they had to come up with a story about the piece they picked! What is the history of that piece? Where did it come from? Who where it's previous owners? How did it appeal to them? Perhaps they were connected from a previous life?

We asked for a story and gosh! did we get some! You know the answer to that question! Have a look for yourself 👀❤️👀

Special thanks to Karina Bedkowska for filming!

#birthdaycelebrations #event

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