A reminder how precious life is

Hi Guys,

I've got for you this incredibly beautiful and humbling story from Toni in New Zealand. A reminder how precious life is. We feel so privileged & grateful for her trust and for opening up about a very vulnerable moment in her life. Thank you for sharing your amazing story Toni ❤️

'I have been waiting many years for the privilege of inheriting my mother's jewellery. Admiring her vintage engagement ring on her now aged finger and the stunning pearl necklace my father gave her many years ago. Imagining wearing these pieces when sadly they would be passed to my care would be bittersweet. As she is in very good health my inheritance jewellery is many years away.

So in 2018 close to the 1st anniversary of my spinal cord tumor surgery I decided to treat myself with a piece of "inheritance" jewellery from KK Vintage. I had for many days admired this ring. Attaching a perfect red heart on the corner of the photo proving to myself it was very much my favourite until the time came to purchase it for my own.

Being pleased when it arrived here in New Zealand was an understatement. To think that someone many years ago had this treasure made or purchased for the one they loved sparked the sentiment that I now have for it. The history, knowing that it was once worn by someone who would have loved it just as much as I do many years later - is what I love about what I now call my "inheritance ring". It is worn most days and chosen over the newer more modern rings I have. It is a simple but extremely stunning ring. It is a reminder and appreciation of the wearer of this piece before myself. Not knowing who i have inherited it from gives it more mystery and intrigue.

My daughter now has her eye on this beautiful "inheritance" ring for when it is passed down to her.'

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