Love story from Michigan

Hi Guys, I have this lovely story from Ashton today. Thank you so much for sharing Ashton! This is a story of a romantic proposal but also a story reminding us to fight for the things that are the most important in life. Things happen for a reason and sometimes it is to make us make a decision. It is a great gift to truly know what is that you want in life. So once you know it remember to go for it without a hesitation. 🙌🏻⭐️🙏🏻😻

Congratulations for Ashton & her fiancé. Many happy sunrises & sunsets for you two! 🎉❤️💍

‘Earlier this year I met the love of my life and shortly after that, she learned she would be relocating for a new job, a thousand miles north of where we met. It was never really a question whether or not I should go, like it soon became no question I wanted to marry her. We had talked about it, and knew it was something we wanted to do. I decided I wanted to get a ring before the move, because the move also meant leaving my job and being between jobs for a bit, so it became paramount I find a ring before moving while I had the money to do so. I knew I wanted something vintage and elegant for her after watching Gentleman Jack together and that her favorite color was blue and favorite stones; sapphire and jet. That’s when my ring search began and let me tell you, I looked at dozens and dozens of rings but when I happened upon this sapphire and diamond ring from Kashovska Vintage Collection, I knew it was the one. I could see it on her hand, plain as day, however it was a size 6, my partner is a size 8 so I was afraid it wouldn’t work out, but after an exchange of messages I found that it could be resized to fit so this was it, this was the ring. Fast forward, we are settled into our new home in the upper peninsula of Michigan and she has been sleeping within feet of the ring every night and I was racking my brain daily for the perfect proposal. Since our move, one of our favorite things to do, is to watch the sunset over Lake Superior. So, I packed up some cheeses, crackers, assorted fruit and the ring and asked my partner to go watch the sunset with me. We laid a blanket on the beach and we put together a small cheese board and snacked as we enjoyed another sunset together. After some time watching the changing colors dance across the water, I pulled the ring out and told my partner that Beyoncé said if you like it you should put a ring on it and asked her to marry me. She of course laughed and said yes. I was nervous about whether she would love the ring as much I as did or as much as I wanted her to but she said it’s perfect and reminds her of some of the best parts of her childhood, thumbing through jewelry catalogs with her grandmother, picking out all her favorite pieces. She made me the happiest, most lucky woman on earth when I put the ring on her finger and she agreed to be my wife and partner in life. ‘

Ashton, US

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