Joy & sorrows

Hello lovely people! ❤️

For this Sunday we have a very touching story for you. As it happens jewellery can symbolise not only joyful and happy memories but also painful ones. Life has so many shades, tints and tones... it's a lifelong lesson to cherish them all...🙏🏻💗😯

Thank you Jo for sharing a part of your life with us! 🙏🏻

'I brought this ring from you to be a temporary wedding/ engagement ring when my partner and I decided we'd get married.

My mum had just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer four weeks earlier and we were due to have two children under two in three months time so we wanted a quick, no fuss, low cost wedding. I recycled this beautiful second hand ring and wore it until we were able to order our wedding and engagement rings over eighteen months later. We did everything a bit back to front because of the circumstances but the ring definitely became part of a story. I don't wear the ring now because unfortunately it does remind me of a very difficult time, mum passed away before last Christmas. I hope to recycle the ring by passing it on. At the moment I often take it out of the box to just look at it and remember the ups and downs of that 22 months and the love and tears x'

Jo, UK

#necklaceforastory #clienttestimonials

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