1st engagement story

Today, I want to share this beautiful & romantic story with you❤️ 💎🇺🇸💍🇬🇧

Couple of weeks ago when London was buzzing & getting ready to march we met this lovely couple who came all the way from United States to pick our one of our vintage engagement rings💍 And no it wasn’t the young couple - there are secrets, amethyst ring and Japanese Gardens involved in this story and the plot thickens further 🙆🏼‍♀️

But I will let the future bride Celestial to tell you her story. 👇🏻

‘Where do I start? March 23rd of 2019 was just amazing, being in London sight seeing and being amungst all sorts of different cultures and just embracing a beautiful place. During this day his parents were secretly getting the ring at a coffee shop from kkvintagecollection. When we met up with them we went straight to the Kyoto Japanese Garden in Kensington, London. As we walked through and saw the magnificent peacocks and huge mystical koi fish the atmosphere was very peaceful and unbelievable. As we were about to walk out we sat at bench under a sakura tree. His mother was just taking pictures and I didn't think anything of it. Then he says to me "remember our first date was in the Japanese gardens in Idaho." I said "yes this one is much bigger." then we sat there for a few minutes more only because he got nurvous and choked on his words. Then he says "so I have something to ask you." as he stood up and got down on one knee. And asks "will you marry me?" I covered my face and started crying and laughing at the same time. I said "yes!" we hugged and he slipped the ring on and it fit perfectly! As we then walked away together my smile or tears never left me nor has the memory of that wonderful place and time. Everyone said while they were at the coffee shop they had met with a very kind and wonderful couple that had the ring, and that the ring was from London and it was vintage. I told them I had already loved the ring but knowing that I love it even more! On top of it being vintage and from London the stone was amythist. I love that crystal and I think I connect with it very well and have it all over my flat. Since then I have started planning my wedding there isn't a set date but I know what I want. The color scheme will be grey, lavender, and ivory. The decor will be vintage with ivory lace, lavender stems, and grey lanterns. My bouquet will consist of lavender as well as grey peonies. I already have something borrowed something blue, after the proposal his parents gave me a white and blue handkerchief to wipe away my happy tears now and for the wedding. I couldn't be any happier then I was then or even now, and I will never forget our experience in the heart of London.’

We are so happy that we played some small role in this happy event 😬🙌🏻🤩

We love our job and I think our customers are just amazing! 😍 Let’s all wish them future long life of happiness together! 🙏🏻🌟

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