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Frock Me Vintage Fair is it definitely within top elite of vintage sales in London. Well established and organised with great location in Chelsea Old Town Hall attracts both great sellers and many vintage shopping conesers. It is an event with great traditions, originally started in 1990's.

It maybe be better idea to go there with your shopping buddy rather your partner because trust me if you are a vintage addict you will want to spend quality time browsing all the treasures - not rushing in hurry. On the other hand majority of the stock are beautiful and amazing but clothes and mainly women clothes.

The venue is glamorous and it almost transforms a common market form into art exhibition creating a gorgeous period background for some of the antique clothing.

It's great to just browse and look from an inspiration but also if you looking for an outfit fora very special occasion it's a great place. The stock is genuine and you can find real treasures! Like original Channel dress! It goes without saying that for pieces like this you must be prepared to spend a bit more money. But if you looking for something less significant there is plenty to choose from including cute costume jewellery!

LOCATION: Chelsea Old Town Hall

DATES: 7th February (11am-5.30pm), 10th April, 12th June, 4th September, 9th October, 6th November

ENTRY: £4 entry, £2 student entry

PRICES: various £10-£700


STOCK: mainly women fashion, some men fashion

FACILITIES: toilets and coffee room are available

SIZE: 300+ stalls

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