• Sapphires

    Sapphire & diamond rings are perfect birthstone gifts for those with September birthdays. Of course, they are also ideal for women who are simply fond of the rich blue tones that sapphires can offer.
    • Details

      9no. natural sapphires: 1no. x Ø3.75mm, 8no. X Ø1.75mm, 8no. Diamonds at size Ø1.5mm/ 0.015 ct; 18ct yellow gold, 3.52g
      Ref. KK612

      Pre-owned. Minor surface scratches visible to the inside of the ring shank. One of the collet arms is broked. Visible darkening at the connection of the collet with shank. Sapphires have minor surface scratches not visible with a bare eye. Overall condition good.

      not visible for reading

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